Need a Mortgage?

You should have access to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Before you call a real estate agent,

before you sign anything,

CALL OUR OFFICE FIRST at 1-800-268-7573


In addition to providing a lawyer for your real estate transaction, we have arranged the following option for our members:


          Referral to a pre-screened mortgage broker.

This additional service is provided by All-Purpose Realty Services Inc.

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NOTE: You may find better options for reduced rates and savings on these services, and you should weigh them carefully, to decide what is best for you. The Unifor Legal Services Plan recovers from All-Purpose the costs of marketing and administering this program and some of the costs of providing the legal services benefit for each transaction. This service is not intended to induce any party to breach a Listing Agreement or a Buyer Agency Agreement or a Mortgage Loan Agreement currently in effect and/or an executed Agreement of Purchase and Sale whether written or implied.