The Unifor Legal Services Plan is the largest pre-paid legal services program in Canada.

Plan support staff are represented by COPE.

Legal FAQ

The following documents, written by our own lawyers, give you information about a variety of legal issues and situations.

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These articles are intended for general information only and not to provide specific legal advice. There is no attorney-client relationship established by reading any of these articles. They do not replace competent legal advice from a lawyer who is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

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Protect Your Credit Rating

Debt Problems? A Credit Counsellor Might Help

Ontario's Consumer Protection Act

Offers to Settle and Costs

Beware of Salespersons Knocking at your Door - DO NOT LET THEM IN

But for The Plan
(Collection Agency Letters-Don't Take Them at Face Value)

But for The Plan
(Trailer Parks in the United States - Sometimes a Canadian Lawyer Can Help)

But for The Plan
(Renovation Issues and Contractors Who Walk Away)

But for The Plan
(Furnace Rental Agreements - Beware)

But for The Plan
(Life Insurance Company's Initial Refusal to Pay - Successfully Challenged)

But for The Plan
(Joining a Class Action)

But for The Plan
(Telephone Sales)

But for The Plan
(Lost Travellers Cheques)

But for The Plan
(The Rogue Financial Advisor)

But for The Plan
(Bankruptcy: Changing the Terms of a Conditional Discharge)

But for The Plan
(Bankruptcy and Tax Reassessment Refunds)

But for The Plan
(Bankruptcy and Life Insurance Proceeds)

But for The Plan
(Mortgage Insurance Claim: Pre-Existing Illness, but Application Not Fraudulent)

But for The Plan
(Line of Credit Life Insurance - Unilateral Policy Changes)

But for The Plan
(Life Insurance Claim)

But for The Plan
(A Bad Roofing Job)

But for The Plan
(The Power of a Lawyer's Letter)

But for The Plan
(Timeshare Contract)

But for The Plan
(Lost Luggage)

But for The Plan
(Canada Pension Disability Claim)

But for The Plan
(USA Consumer Problem)


Tips for Keeping Your Family Lawyer's Fees Down

Pension Division: The New Reality

Spousal Support and Early Retirement

A Short Common Law Relationship Can Change Pension Rights

Child Support Guidelines

Limited Retainer Agreements

Collaborative Family Law

Separating From Your Spouse: Matters to Consider

But for The Plan
(Separation Agreements - Subsequent Events May Affect
the Original Obligations)

But for The Plan
(Clearing Up Pension and Bankruptcy Issues)

But for The Plan
(Child Support - From Self-Represented Litigant to Believer in the Plan)

But for The Plan
(The Single Dad and the College Student)

But for The Plan
(Child Support for Dad)

But for The Plan
(Child Support for Older Children)

But for The Plan
(Matrimonial Swimming Pool)

But for The Plan
(Grandparent Access Rights)


But for The Plan
(Performance Bond)


The Duty to Settle

But for The Plan
(Debts: Saved by the Limitation Act)


But for the Plan (When You Drive Your Child's Car Without Permission)

But for the Plan (When Your Child Drives Your Car Without Permission)

But for the Plan (Driver's Licence - Medical Suspension - Reinstatement Prior to the Appeal Hearing is Possible)


Dealing with Neighbours

But for the Plan (Real Estate Sale - When the Buyer Can't Close on Time)

But for the Plan (Water in the Basement)

But for The Plan
(Exclusive Listing Agreements - Get Legal Advice Before You Sign)

But for the Plan (City Expropriation - Street Widening)

But for the Plan (The Addition Over the Septic Tank)

But for the Plan (The Retiree and the Business Next Door)

But for the Plan (Buying Real Estate with Children? Stay on Title!)

Two Types of Co-Ownership in Real Estate

But for the Plan (When your Deed is in the Name of a Stranger)

Protect Yourself From the Builder’s Big Bite

Mortgage in Default? Don't Hand Over Your Keys to the Bank


But for the Plan (Lost Will Validated: $300,000 Charitable Gift Saved)

But for the Plan (Estate Work Costs Much Less at the Plan)

But for the Plan (Making a Will? Check the Title to Your Real Estate)

But for the Plan (Estate Debts - Collection Agency Letters - Limitations Act Defences)

But for the Plan (Estates-Estranged Daughter)

But for the Plan (Estates-Only the Estate is Obliged to Pay for the Debts of the Deceased)

But for the Plan (Estates-The Joint Account May Not Belong to the Named Survivor)

But for the Plan (Estate Work - "Probate Fees" Avoided)

Beware of the "Do-It-Yourself" Will

Estates - Plan Coverage

A Practical Guide for Planning Your Will

Instructions to Wills Clients

Instructions to Estate Trustees

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